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It's always darkest before the dawn



The Los Angeles Times revealed 2012’s ultimate Top 10 list in music, ranking artists in two different categories: biggest music act (combining record sales and concert box office), and streaming (as it’s become a big part of the music industry lately).

Guess who did NOT make it to the top 10 of neither list?

Despite not having a new album out, or being on tour, Adele managed to enter the 2012’s top 10 biggest music acts list. What’s Lady Gaga’s excuse? And what about Elton John?

1. Madonna

2. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw

3. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

4. Cirque du Soleil ”Michael Jackson — The Immortal World Tour”

5. Roger Waters

6. Justin Bieber

7. Coldplay

8. Jason Aldean


10. Van Halen

When it comes to streaming music, Lady Gaga also failed to appear on the top 10:

1. Taylor Swift (216 million streams)

2. Nicki Minaj (210 million)

3. Rihanna (204 million)

4. Katy Perry (177 million)

5. Eminem (174 million)

6. One Direction (168 million) 

7. Adele (163 million) 

8. Beyoncé (141 million)

 9. Chris Brown (139 million)

10. Carly Rae Jepsen (135 million)

Note that neither Katy Perry, nor Eminem, or Adele have released new albums in 2012, and they still made it. 

Now I ask you one thing: where are all the 30+ million Twitter followers Lady Gaga has? Obviously, not streaming her music, or buying tickets for her concerts. They haven’t bought much of her music either. Hence why she’s gone MIA on both lists.

Interestingly enough, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adele… they all have been harassed by Lady Gaga’s fans (the little monsters) on Twitter or some other social network. So have Madonna and Justin Bieber - but Lady Gaga still has the nerve to accuse other people of bullying, turning her blind eye to the real cyber-bullies of our age: her little monsters.

Make sure you read my latest Open Letter to Lady Gaga here.  



Remember when it was rumored “Love on fire” was a song Madonna was going to record for MDNA.  I wish she had recorded it. Maybe for the next album?


The Queen.


Tina Turner and Madonna talking about shooting a picture with Courtney Love. Oh Courtney, how far you’ve fallen.


And this is the difference between CELEBRITIES AND STARS. This flop bitch is just a celebrity, that’s why the light is too harsh, but someone like Madonna is a STAR, no light is harsh enough, no spotlight she can’t deal with.


best of 2012 #2


Why parental advisory stickers are lame. 1985’s “Filthy Fifteen”



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