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Henry Cavill attends the San Diego Comic-Con 2014


"I’m so glad they changed up Superman’s suit for MoS, the red undies over the tights always bothered me."

I must confess, that Supes looked much better without his red underwear on.


I’m Coming Back



Favorite actors over age 40: Frank Grillo, Liam Neeson, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Shannon

"Giving and getting head is cool, but what is it if you don’t use your brain?"

Ab-Soul (via musiq2thasoulz)


are you fucking serious!  what is this?!  what are you doing to me?!


Still love this song

since1938 Asked:
Henry is a godsend to the Superman fandom. Have you ever seen someone treat not only a role, but a legacy with so much respect? Plus he is wonderful with fans. Don't bother with the haters, it's just more DC vs Marvel bullshit.

My answer:


Absolutely. He seems so humble to me and sort of reverent in a way when he talks about the role and what it means. He really understands what a big deal it is and is respectful of the story and history and also the fans. To me he seems really genuine in interviews and with fan encounters


TMNT movie hits theaters August 8th! 


Anti-Hero Appreciation, Part 2 (X)

"The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door." 


Anti-Hero Appreciation, Part 1(X)

"Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. "


How a Batman vs Superman fight should probably go down. 


If you think any superhero, especially a marvel superhero, is “the new superman”, if you think superman is dead or no longer superman because of man of steel, you’re an idiot. Superman is still superman. Man of steel did not ruin superman it made him better and broke him free from people’s wrongful view of him as a one dimensional boring character.

Radya. 24. Muslim. Malay. Singaporean. Asian. Taurus. Henry Cavill fan. Compulsive.

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