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Eid 2014


"Wonder Woman has been an enduring symbol of women’s power. We could imagine no better way to urge women to use their own power–the power of their vote–to stand up for themselves and their rights in the coming elections."
Ms magazine, October 2012 40th anniversary issue.

Some brief thoughts on the new Wonder Woman costume for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Like all the costumes the colors look dingy, but other than that I love it. LOVE IT.

It returns to the classic look of the character with a few design tweaks. If you hate the classic costume you’ll hate this one. Adding a subtle sling over the costume makes the costume practical in more ways than one without losing the iconic look.

In 1968 DC Comics got rid of the strapless swimsuit and gave her a shirt and pants. But when Ms. magazine put Wonder Woman on their first cover in 1972, they wanted the classic look. Every superhero’s power as a symbol IS their iconic look. By February 1973 DC submitted and gave Diana her costume back.

Compare the preview images of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Who looks like the ass kicker? Who looks ready to take action? Who’s having fun? Which one of them looks like a hero?

DC TV Universe - Arrow. The Flash. Constantine. Gotham.


pretty much there are only four types of comic book fans here on tumblr at this point

there are comic book fans in general

there are dc fans 

there are marvel fans

and then there are the marvel fans who gotta make everything a competition but pretty much shit talks dc without even having a clue what’s going on with dc and is pretty much being an ignorant shit just to make marvel superior


Via Man of Steel Fanpage @ManofSteelFanPg

Our webmaster’s LEGO parody of #WonderWoman’s first look for #BatmanvSuperman! @wilkinson @ClayEnos


Hijab Names 201


1960s nautical fashion


Are these women in headscarves oppressed? Of course not, since they are Russian Orthodox Christians and not Muslims. 


No Fear (Malcolm X Quote)

انا أعيش كرَجُلٍ قد مات. ليس لديّ خشية من أي شخص أو أيّ شيء [غير الله]

Originally found on: hatemelater


Palestinian youths climbing the apartheid wall for reaching to Jerusalem for Friday prayers today.


Palestine has no navy, no Air Force and no army. Israel isn’t waging a war, this is genocide against civilians!

Radya. 24. Muslim. Malay. Singaporean. Asian. Taurus. Henry Cavill fan. Compulsive.

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