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It's always darkest before the dawn

"Turning you on turns me on."

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`Eid Al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)

`Eid Al-Adha `Eid Al-Adha marks the end of Hajj and commemorates Prophet Abraham’s unselfish act of sacrificing his own son, Ishmael

Two of the most important Islamic holidays of the year…


(via Greetings & Wishes Eid Ul-adha Mubarak 2014 Like We Planned | Amazing Photos)


اللّهُ أكبر اللّهُ أكبر 

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar 
[Allah is Great, Allah is Great]

اللّهُ أكبر 

Allahu Akbar 
[Allah is Great]

لا إلَهَ الا اللّه 

La illaha il Allah 
[There is no god, but Allah]

اللّهُ أكبر اللّهُ اكبر 

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar 
[Allah is Great, Allah is Great]

و لِلّه الحمدَ 

Walilahil Hamd 
[To Him belongs all Praise]



السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

As-salāmu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuh,

I pray you are well and in strength of īmān, may Allāh preserve you upon the truth.

It has been officially announced by the Saudi Press Agency (https://twitter.com/spagov) that the new…


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On the topic of niche brands that make us smile but are also genuinely awesome… have you heard of A Beautiful Life? We spotted them at Urban Outfitters and now we are trying everything. So expect a few more glimpses into things they make after this fragrant post…


A Beautiful Life has a collection of perfumes that are cutesy-cool and unlike anything you’ve ever smelled. Pictured above (a top Lisa Frank #FBF) is their signature I Heart Unicorns and a new one called Composition - in lure of the BTS season.

We are a little obsessed with I Heart Unicorns… mostly because it’s a delicious and juicy melange of bright aromas that send us straight back to the 90’s when all of our paper products had a bit of rainbow on them. If Lisa Frank had a smell, it would be I Heart Unicorns. 

Composition captures the bitter-sweet essence of going back to school with a hint of tart green apple and a whole lot of crisp paper and cozy sweaters. Get anywhere near this fragrance and I guarantee you will be rushed into a wave of middle school nostalgia

Does This: Perfumes that bring you back to a fruitier/simpler time
Is This: A Beautiful Life I Heart Unicorns & Composition perfume
Get This: A Beautiful Life.com (I Heart Unicorns \ Composition)
Price: both $52 for 60ml


Product c/o the brand, Image via

Yay finally got around in replying to replies on Tumblr. I apologize for not answering your replies in the past as I didn’t know how to navigate around post replies back then and am largely on the phone and tablet too. But now I try to answer as many replies as I can.

What? Who? Where? When? Why? How?
See my previous post regarding the encounter.
Last night during class, some classmates brought up the encounter (maybe they knew it through hearsay, Facebook and Instagram) and asked me how did the live performance and the autograph session went. Most of the comments they give were harmless and funny, but some went too far by asking me those triggering questions mentioned earlier and even told me to smell my idol’s underwear and armpits if I love him so much. I almost hit the askers for saying that, how could they stoop so low? It’s just a brief starstruck fan encounter not a one-night stand. I was smart enough not to kiss the singer as that would invite nasty paparazzi gossip on both sides. I was lucky I didn’t cry, yell or threw crazy tantrums over it. How he lives his private life or his prowess in bed is none of his fanbase’s businesses entirely. Such comments disgust me inside, even if they meant it jokingly.


Models turned Feminist Protesters at the Chanel PFW Show

Anonymous Asked:
Bitch, who cares what Maroon 5's video is about. Were they suppose to make something like a Taylor Swift video? Or do you prefer them twerking like Nicky Minaj? Seems like your boyfriend hasn't eaten you out. Oh I'm sorry. How old are you? 14? Of course you're gonna give your followers a heads up about the most sexiest video on YouTube. Grow up.

My answer:


Hahaha I knew my post would ‘offend’ at least one ignorant tool like yourself and I was so right. But you bet I am prepared for you. 

Before I go forward I want to give my followers some context. This is the post I’m talking about. 


Now where do I begin.

Bitch, who cares what Maroon 5’s video is about. “

'Bitch', I do. And dozens of other people have expressed their disgust via comments or tweets as well, so I'm clearly not the only one.

This is not just your average run of the mill music video meant to accompany a pop song. This is a music video made with a particular message in mind. This is about obsession, stalking and possible violence against women. 

By making a music video depicting Adam Levine as a creepy ass butcher who stalks women he is basically glorifying this kind of behavior. He is sending out the message that terrorizing women is ‘sexy’. (a message which you seemed to have openly accepted)


There is nothing SEXY about showing women being stalked, hunted, raped or killed because it’s something that happens every damn day to women EVERYWHERE in the world. 

This is a serious problem affecting women and Adam, as a celebrity and a TV personality with 5 million followers, should have known better than to pass this off as a form of entertainment. 

Needless to say I am disappointed in Adam, and in this video and I have every right to warn my followers about it. And just seeing  your vulgar reaction to my post further justifies why I needed to do so. 

**(I’m am deliberately not going to discuss either Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj’s music videos because they are completely irrelevant to this post - as is my age)

It baffles me how can one’s comments can be so triggering just because I got close and had an autograph and a fanphoto with a local celeb together last weekend. The why-did-I-not-kiss-him comments were understandable and laughable, but there were also triggeringly sexist comments thrown like, “Did you get to suck his cock?” and “Is he good in bed?”.

EXCUSE ME?! Can’t you think of any better comments to make? I’m just a mere fan of him and I barely know how he lives his private life! How can you say that to a fan who waited for ten long years just to meet her favorite singer in person after countless delays and unforeseen circumstances? As a woman I’m staunchly against molestation and rape crimes. Such crimes and comments makes me livid, even when used jokingly. You never know if the person next to you is a victim of rape, incest or molestation. Would you be happy if someone else says the same things to your own mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend, wife or daughter?


Taken by: Hailey Boone

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